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Camellias tea house blog

Drinking tea can improve your love life!

When you are composing yourself for that kiss, it's nice to know you've got a perfect set of pearlies - drinking tea can help contribute towards the health of your teeth and make your kiss more appealing !! 

Tea is a great natural source of fluoride and can actually strengthen tooth enamel. Tea can also help to cut down the build up of plaque on your pearly whites and apart from the fluoride in water, the tea plant is in itself a rich source of fluoride since it actually absorbs the compound from the soil via its roots.

Both black and green teas contain fluoride and they appear to help control bacterial growth that can result in dental plaque.

So if you are hoping for a kiss this weekend, why not pop down to Camellia's Tea House and pick up some black or green tea....and come back and tell us how it went !