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Our Christmas Detox Tea

At Camellia's Tea House we pride ourselves on our extensive range of unique herbal infusions, all of which are blended with equal focus on exceptional, complex flavours, and the homeopathic properties of the ingredients therein.  Our teas are designed by us and hand blended in London to ensure everything is as fresh as possible.

Our Toxin Killer infusion is designed to be the perfect detoxifying tea, great for all those tender Sunday mornings after heavy Saturday nights drinking and/or eating! The delicate flavour combination of lavender and rose is easy and refreshing on the palette, while the base of chickweed, red clover and nettle work to purify the blood and thoroughly cleanse the system.

It is, however, the hibiscus flower which really brings out the flavour of this tea. Looking like a creature out of a science fiction movie, this small flower produces a deliciously tart and energising flavour, as well as dying the liquor the colour of soft, red grapes.

Hibiscus, native to central America, sings louder than many other ingredients, and so should be used sparingly. However, its strength makes it incredibly versatile too, here rounding off the floral notes, but elsewhere in our selection intensifying the fruits in our very berry tea, and more than standing up to the warm and spicy star anise, ginger and rooibos in our healthy immunity tea.

Toxin killer, along with a limited selection of our range, is now available in our brand new gift packaging, just in time for Christmas. It's worth stocking up in advance, however, as it doesn't stay on the shelf long, and with the festive season fast approaching, you might need a good detox on mornings other than Sunday!

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